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Improve the Structure of Brittle Hair

Wednesday, 16 July 2014 13:50

For many women the ideal is a softly falling mane that even looks great without the use of styling products. La Biosthetique is now making this dream come true with the new Dry Hair range.


The core of the four synergistic  Dry Hair products is a cocktail of highly effective plant substances with complementary effects for a new level of moisturising hair care. From the very first application, Dry Hair replaces the lacking proteins and lipids in the hair and also lastingly restores its moisture balance.

The outstanding product performance was shown by the multi-stage sequences of tests by the renowned Institut Fresenius. After just one application of shampoo and mask, the softness of the hair significantly increased.



The first step to balance out the deficits of dry hair. Coconut surfactants provide particularly mild cleansing. Extracts of desert rose, black oat and lecithin condition the hair as soon as you start washing. Its softness, smoothness and easy stylability are instantly improved.



Two-phase post-washing spray-on express care. Improves the hair structure, results in beautiful shine and improved combability. Combats hair breakage with wheat microproteins. Leave-in product.  



Intensive care for very dry, brittle hair. With an activation time of two to three minutes it gives the hair a velvety soft touch and strengthens damaged structures. Mango stone oil and panthenol compensate for deficits of natural protective substances. Porous areas are smoothened, the moisture balance is stabilised.



Lamellar phospholipids deeply regenerate even very dry hair with significant structural damage and argan oil gives the hair natural gloss, softness and elasticity. Desert rose extract noticeably and lastingly boosts vitality. Activation time: 10-15 minutes.

  • La Biosthetique Dry Hair Shampoo

  • La Biosthetique Dry Hair Conditioning Spray

  • La Biosthetique Dry Hair Conditioner

  • La Biosthetique Dry Hair Mask


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