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Cheveux Longs by La Biosthetique

Friday, 03 October 2014 10:56

For women who want perfect care for their long hair, La Biosthetique Paris relaunches Cheveux Longs - the luxurious, effective hair spa range with seven highly effective products specifically designed for long hair. 


Long hair is the epitome of femininity, youth and health. Irrespective of all fashions and changing values, its softly falling, glossy glory was and still is internationally regarded as the definition of feminine beauty. However, achieving long and beautiful hair is not always easy. 55% of all women already have hair that is chin-length or longer but many complain that it needs a lot of maintenance and isn’t in the best of health.

La Biosthetique hairdressers also frequently hear that customers would love to have a real mane but think it’s unattainable because their hair grows too slowly. Additionally, many women recognise that long hair suffers from varied structural problems; the young hair in the top third needs different care to the lengths that over the years have been subjected to countless shampoos, brush strokes, blow-drying and environmental stress. 

New Cheveux Longs is a luxurious, effective hair spa range with seven highly effective products that are perfectly calibrated to the care of long hair, innovative ingredients and a scent concept created by the successful perfume designer Geza Schön. 


“Women with long hair are particularly discerning when it comes to the choice of their care”, explains Klaus Obrecht, Hair Care Product Manager of La Biosthetique Paris, when asked about the extensive relaunch. “Every centimetre of their crowning glory is precious to them and an essential part of their feminine identity and beauty”. 


The range pampers, conditions and stimulates the demanding luxury of long hair with the already tried and tested effect complex (including keratin, polymers, proteins, biotin, trace elements). 


CHEVEUX LONGS at a glance:



As soon as you begin shampooing, Silky Spa Sampoo balances out structural differences in the hair lengths. It gently cleanses and conditions the hair with lipo amino acids, a wheat peptide and hyaluronic acid. Natural keratin and a cellulose- and guar bean-based polymer strengthen the hair so that it gains shine, softness and vitality. 



The fluid conditions and strengthens the hair lengths with hyaluronic acid and Sacha inchi nut oil, repairs structural damage with a wheat peptide-based active ingredient and its UV filters and natural free radical traps make the hair more resistant to environmental stress. The leave-in care emulsion is formulated to enable instantly perfect shine and elasticity without weighing the hair down. It can be combined with all styling products. 



This is helpful after washing long hair: with the push of a button, it smoothes the hair’s cuticle with a silk hydrolysate and positively charged cationic compounds, improving the smoothness and preventing tangles. Alpha linolenic acid from the oil of the Peruvian Sacha inchi nut and Vitamin E strengthen the hair’s lipid layer, making it shiny and manageable.  



A multifunctional product, the glossing leave-in oil can be applied to the whole head as an intensive gloss treatment before or after blow-drying, between washes for the care of the tips or for restyling the hair, as a rich oil hair bath before washing or as an overnight mask for a particularly intense spa treatment. It naturally balances out losses in the hair’s lipid layer with argan and Sacha inchi nut oils and their special composition of polyunsaturated fatty acids, without weighing the hair down. 



The perfect conclusion to a special pampering treatment. After washing, it is left on the hair for 10 to 15 minutes to allow the active ingredients to reach into the towel-dried hair. Sacha inchi nut and argan oil boost shine and softness, repair and strengthen the hair’s cuticle and hyaluronic acid optimises the hair’s moisture balance. An extract of the South American Yacón root with its polysaccharide inulin has a particularly lasting effect as it deeply penetrates the hair structure.  



This extends the time between hairdressing appointments: It restores porous split ends with a special composition of silicon molecules that have a particular affinity to the hair. Furthermore, it protects the cuticle with Sacha inchi nut oil, UV filters and vitamins. Used regularly, it prevents split ends and extends the intervals between trims so that long hair can continue to grow to be healthy and beautiful. 



This product is targeted at women whose dream of long hair has previously failed due to a short growth phase. The duration of hair growth is genetically determined and cannot be influenced but its speed definitely can! Directly applied to the scalp with the pipette, itsupplies the hair roots with glycogen, creatine, the keratin building blocks arginine, lysine and aspartic acid, as well as trace elements from coral and biotin.


  • Cheveux Longs by La Biosthetique Paris



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